To commence at Exploring Tree, a child can be just six weeks of age. To secure a position we require; completed enrolment forms, a bond payment, immunisation records and Child Care Subsidy details provided.

If we have no vacancies at the time of enquiry, you are welcome to secure for the following year, and then your child's name will be placed on our internal waiting list and given priority according to your employment and family situation. We must follow a 'priority of access' for available positions, and children in non-work related care may be asked to swap days if the need arises, as dictated by the 'Family Assistance Office'.

At Exploring Tree we acknowledge that days of enrolment impact all children and their interaction with the curriculum that occurs within the early childhood setting. Our aim is to enable children with the best foundations for learning and for them to fully engage and interact with the curriculum offered. Whilst we value that each family has differing needs, we also understand that predictability and consistency of attendance is vitally important for children. Consecutive days of enrolment allows children the chance to build social competencies by creating spaces where children are grouped with familiar educators and peers. Children who attend consecutively are more settled and confident in entering and engaging in the learning environment. Learning outcomes are richer as teachers can continue rich curriculum opportunities, revisited with the same groups of children and worked on with momentum in a thoughtful way.

At Exploring Tree we understand that each family has different needs. We acknowledge that for best possible outcomes for children, we do not offer one day enrolments, rather we invite families to enrol with 2, 3 and 5 day attendance patterns that run consecutively or a 4 day program with Wednesday as the day off.

Our attendance patterns are:

1. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

2. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

3. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

4. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

5. Monday, Tuesday 

6. Thursday, Friday


Educators are highly skilled and experienced in settling children, and making them feel welcome. All children need to be signed in and out everyday. Children will not be allowed to go home with persons not authorised to collect them.

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