Our Menu

Our menu is designed through consultation with Paediatric Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Health Department recommended dietary guidelines. Food is organic, where possible, and our vegetable gardens are also utilised in the meals prepared daily by our qualified Chefs.

Nutrition - when children eat a nutritious diet, they are able to learn better, are more alert, and are more likely to grow and develop to their full potential. We aim to help children to establish healthy eating habits for the rest of their lives.

Our menu has been developed, and will be reviewed and updated according to children and family preferences, Australian Dietary Guidelines, the Australian Government's Get up and Grow: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood, the NQS state early childcare frameworks, the Infant Feeding Guidelines and menu planning guidelines.

Where practical, we shall source and use organic food, as well as use produce from our gardens at the centre and eggs from our chickens.

Our meals and snacks are wholesome, delicious, and mealtimes are relaxed and social.

Our menus are available daily on our Exploring Tree App for families to view. 

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