Our Exploring Tree Management Team is made up of highly experienced and qualified early childhood professionals. Together they work closely to ensure the smooth running of the centres.

Robyn (Licensee) and Centre Director/Nominated Supervisors work closely together to create a strong vision for Exploring Tree, and to ensure that we are continually improving standards and expectations across the services.

Our Directors are available five days a week overseeing all day to day operations of the centres and its Team of educators, and families. Our Directors are available for all centre related enquiries or concerns and is also the Responsible Person for each of the services.

Robyn Legge


Brett Legge


ALE 6922
Kathryn Key

CFO & Co Director of Operations

ALE 9071
Cassy Wright

Director of Pedagogy & Co Director of Operations

ALE 7829
Miss Beck

Director of Macarthur

ALE 7240
Miss Jessica

Director of Oran Park

ALE 9794a
Miss Cayley

Director of Cobbitty

ALE 2649
Miss Maria

Assistant Director of Macarthur

Miss Sarah

Assistant Director of Oran Park

ALE 2680
Miss Amy

Assistant Director of Cobbitty

3. Miss Michelle Ed Leader 2
Miss Michelle

Educational Leader - Cobbitty

ALE 4031
Miss Gayle

Executive Chef

ALE 9027b 1
Miss Hannah

PA/Community Relations & Events Manager

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Core Curriculum Team


Miss Kristy Lee

Director of Christian Education

ALE 7313
Miss Kiah

Christian Education Teacher

ALE 6580
Miss Gita

Christian Education Teacher

ALE 8063
Miss Marni

Christian Education Teacher

Miss Kareena

Dance and Literacy Teacher

Miss Renee

Art Educator - Bachelor of Visual Arts and Education

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Admin and Accounts 

ALE 6922
Kathryn Key

CFO & Co Director of Operations

ALE 8134
Miss Hayley


9. Miss Robyn Accounts Assistant
Miss Robyn

Business Administration

ALE 6901
Miss Erica

Administration and Purchasing Officer

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Maintenance Team

ALE 9517
Mr Andrew


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